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April / May 2020 - Lockdown continues

"Love Doesn't Have To Come At Such A Price"

A collaboration with Fine Art Photographer Josephine Cardin

Here is a story of hope. Profound connections can happen in times of isolation. Social media is a wild beast and I often find myself running away from it! Let it live the life it desires. But recently I decided to step closer, looking for inspiration for the cover of my second album. I found Josephine Cardin’s incredible photography on Instagram. I followed her, and to my surprise, a day later she followed me back.

We got talking and realised that there was a thread that linked our work. Shared experiences, mutual appreciation and an impulse to offer support to each other. All this underpinned by the spark of inspiration that occurs when we see or hear something that instantly speaks to us. And so we began to build a bridge across the Atlantic ocean between Brighton and New York. What followed was a series of eight photographs that Josephine created for one of my songs “Love Doesn’t Have To Come At Such A Price”. I adore each one and actually can’t put into words what a gift this collaboration has been. I hope that you will find something here too. Thank you Jo for all your kindness and for beginning to share your story with me.

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