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The Significance of Sadness

Dear courageous friends and kind souls,

Today is World Mental Health Day. I’ve been trying to figure out what positive message I could leave here. Many moons ago, during my final year of Art school I wrote my dissertation on the ‘Significance of Sadness’. It looked at how mental illness (particularly depression, bipolar and anxiety disorders) formed a thread through the lives of so many creative people throughout the centuries. I was looking for a reflection of myself in all those who were compelled to create in response to the heaviest of internal states. I can only speak from my own experience, but to bring the darkness out from your mind into a living, breathing space will begin a process of unchaining and self growth that will serve yourself and everyone around you again and again. The more you fear a thought or feeling, the more important it is to release it, to speak it, to draw it, to paint it, to sing it, to carve it out. So that it can examined, evaluated, nurtured, embraced, set free.

With all my love,

KM x


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